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Our Mission

Located in America’s Heartland, Midwest Seed Coating is an independent, contract, high volume forage and turf seed coating company. Our location expands opportunities for seed companies to better manage inventory, freight costs and delivery times.

Our location in New Albany, Indiana, is within hours of distribution locations in the Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic and Atlantic Zones, instead of days away.

Our Mission is to provide High Quality, Durable, and Value added Seed Coatings.

:: Our Product Line ::

Midwest Seed Coating Offers

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Forage Legumes:

Apex Seed Coating
Our small seeded legume coating Brand for alfalfa, clovers, vetch, and other forage legumes. Inoculated with proper strains of Rhizobium bacteria in high numbers per seed to effectively nodulate and ‘fix’ Nitrogen from the air into a form usable by the plant.
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Organic Seeds:

Apex Green
Our OMRI approved coating for organic or conventional seeds.
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Turf & Forage Grasses:

Pinnacle Seed Coating
Our Seed Coating Brand for Forage Grasses such as Orchardgrass, Teff, Brome and diploid ryegrasses, Turf Grasses like Bluegrass, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass. Cover crop seed such as Daikon Radish and Annual Ryegrass.

Seed Enhancements

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Hydroloc & Hydroloc+
Our mineral and polymer based water absorbing technology pulls water to the seed and holds it near keeping micronutrients and life giving moisture to the developing plant. Hydroloc is OMRI approved.
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Trace minerals zinc, manganese and iron are used on the seed and deliver results. Healthier seedlings, darker green, more vigorous growth.

:: Our Promise to You ::

Midwest Seed Coating

We Know Seed Biology

Seed is a valuable living product. To trust us with your living product is a trust that Midwest Seed Coating holds sacred. We know seed biology and physiology and we know how to put a coating on the seed without harming the seeds viability from day one to multiple years of storage.

The seed in every bag will eventually be seen by the end user.

We know that every bag of seed we put off the line will be opened and seen. The seed needs to be uniform, clean, durable and ready to easily flow through a planter. The seed needs to be ready to grow. We strive to meet this goal every bag, every day, every customer.

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