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Midwest Seed Coating, LLC, was formed in 2017, but the roots go much deeper.

Managing Director and owner, Bill Talley, got his start in seed coating in 1984. Back then, there was only one seed coating company, CelPril, specializing in forage and grass seeds and it was headquartered in California. Bill was in sales and his territory was in the southeastern United States. During those early years in seed coating, there was a lot of skepticism of coating. Bill’s efforts with field trials, University testing, and working with customers to prove seed coatings benefits, have helped coated forage legumes reach overwhelming acceptance from seed companies and growers today. Bill moved on from CelPril and worked for SeedBiotics in nationwide sales and eventually became an owner of Summit Seed Coatings, located in Idaho. Costs for customers, especially shipping costs, led Bill to set up operations in the Midwest where he is currently an owner and manager of Midwest Seed Coating.

General Manager, Kent Johnson, got his start in seed coating in 1984, also at CelPril. Kent was hired to help in Quality Assurance as well as perform lab research. Kent managed the Quality Department for Celpril and developed specifications, new tests and written SOP’s for both the seed coating area and also the bacterial production departments. Kent was tapped to lead the introduction of polymer coating technology into the United States from a European owner in the mid-1990’s. He led a team of individuals that introduced polymer and color film coat technologies to seedsmen across North America. He was later involved in selling new rotostat coating technology to seed companies around the world. He helped build and runs the new Midwest Seed Coating plant and still works to develop improved and more economical coatings for the future.

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Our Key department heads started working in coated seed in 2015 and continue to work at Midwest Seed Coating today.


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