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Apex Seed Coating:

Our small seeded legume coating Brand for alfalfa, clovers, vetch, and other forage legumes. Inoculated with proper strains of Rhizobium bacteria in high numbers per seed to effectively nodulate and ‘fix’ Nitrogen from the air into a form usable by the plant.

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Apex Green:

Our OMRI approved coating for organic or conventional seeds.

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Pinnacle Seed Coating:

Our Seed Coating Brand for Forage Grasses such as Orchardgrass, Teff, Brome and diploid ryegrasses, Turf Grasses like Bluegrass, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass. Cover crop seed such as Daikon Radish and Annual Ryegrass.

Special Additives

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Our mineral based water absorbing technology. Pulls water to the seed and holds it near keeping micronutrients and life giving moisture to the developing plant. OMRI approved.

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Trace minerals zinc, manganese and iron are used on the seed and deliver results. Healthier seedlings, darker green, more vigorous growth.

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+ Plus:

Super Hydrating polymer that absorbs massive quantities of water to the seed, creating a wet gel environment for the germinating seed.

Microrhizal fungi


We add healthy, strong and specific strains of Rhizobia to our Apex Seed Coatings for effective Nitrogen Fixation and nodulation. We can add other microbial’s too, such as Microrhizal fungi, effective strains of Baccillus sp that colonize the roots and help the plant absorb nutrients and fight off disease.

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